Watch Lena Dunham Talk Sex With Barbara Walters


Girls! HBO's controversial new comedy has only aired one episode, but people can't stop talking about it, least of all Barbara Walters. When creator-star Lena Dunham stopped by The View today, she recalled the moment earlier in the week when Walters struggled to discuss the show's sex scenes. "I was at home watching the other day, as I often am, and I heard Barbara ask Elisabeth if she enjoyed rough sex," said Dunham, "and I felt that at that moment I could just die and it'd be just fine. I'd be happy." But Walters had to know: Is sex really so depressing for twentysomething white women in New York who are taken from behind by their overmuscled but weirdly charismatic eff-buds? "For some people," explained Dunham. "I wasn't claiming this relationship was sort of an entire generational representation, but more the specific story of this one girl who has a very complicated relationship to her self-esteem and her sexuality. And I hope to explore that throughout the season." (Side note: Can someone make Barbara cawing, "TALK about ROUGH SEX!" into a ringtone? Please e-mail it to upon the project's completion.)