Lola Versus Trailer: Greta Gerwig Just Can’t Get Over Joel Kinnaman


Can two gawky, blond beauties make it work in New York City? Apparently not: When the trailer for Lola Versus opens, unlucky Greta Gerwig gets dumped by her fiancé, The Killing's Joel Kinnaman. Friends Hamish Linklater and Zoe Lister-Jones attempt to buck up Gerwig and get her back out on the dating scene, but it's difficult — and awfully distracting — when Kinnaman keeps showing up looking all cute in a purple shirt (and even better out of it). We brought you the exclusive poster for Lola Versus yesterday, and for those of you who complained that there wasn't any Kinnaman in it, consider this your temporary (but hopefully very satisfactory) balm. What would Detective Linden say? Or chew?