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can no one tame his heart

The Loneliness of Jeremy Renner

As Matt Damon's successor in The Bourne Legacy, Jeremy Renner has to play a secret agent who's out there fighting on his own, and that kind of lonely life comes easy to him, Renner tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new cover story. In fact, he had a nervous breakdown because of it while shooting The Hurt Locker half a world away. "Pure loneliness, that's what it came down to," said the actor. "It was a whole rainbow of good and bad." Romantic relationships don't help; Renner's last long-term relationships capsized when his girlfriend tried to capitalize off his fame to start her own acting career: "I was going through the Hurt Locker campaign and she’s like, 'Where do I get headshots?'" The only reprieve Renner had was his 8-month-old French bulldog, Franklin ... who died of a heart attack last month. Recalled a teary-eyed Renner, "He was my solution for being so lonely." Jeremy, we're coming over right now with some Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream, a game of Apples to Apples, and a DVD of The Notebook. We'll get you through this.

Photo: Charley Gallay/2010 Getty Images