Is Netflix Still Bumbling or Just Going Rogue?


Netflix has endured many downs and savored select few ups in the past while. At a conference over the weekend, the company's chief content officer Ted Sarandos commented on a few of the latest headlines and also added some roguish new gems to the fray. On Netflix's intensely granular personalized suggestions: "What we do is try to find the perfect show for an audience. ... I don’t just want to get them hooked, I want to get them strung out." On Kevin Spacey and David Fincher's forthcoming Netflix series House of Cards: "I said to David Fincher, ‘If this turns out to be the best work you ever do, it’s not going to qualify for an Emmy award.' And he said, ‘I’ve got a lot of awards already.'" And lastly, evidently sheepish to come out and attempt to assert even eventual dominance in the field, Sarandos tepidly bumbled: "Are we becoming a cable channel? No. But cable channels are becoming more like Netflix. ... Because we are direct to the consumer and cheaper, we can be much broader. ... Because we don’t do VOD ... we co-exist with all of these things [Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, etc.]." C'mon, man. Just try something along the lines of "cable TV will wither and perish in the face of Netflix," LIKE A BOSS.