The Public Theater and New York Magazine Ask: Is New York Still a Home for Artists?

WORK OF ART: THE NEXT GREAT ARTIST -- "Exile on Main Street" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jerry Saltz, China Chow -- Photo by: David Giesbrecht /Bravo Photo: David Giesbrecht/? Bravo

Is New York still the cultural capital? Find out at the Public Theater's forum discussion on May 7, where critics and experts from New York Magazine will join authors, composers, and dancers to explore the state of contemporary creative life, how it's changed in recent years, and whether the city still provides a nurturing environment for emerging artists. Our own Kurt Andersen, Jerry Saltz, Justin Davidson, and Amy Larocca will weigh in, and the event includes a performance from the upcoming musical February House. Tickets are on sale now.