Pulp Is Playing Music on American Soil Now


Sure, Pulp is only scheduled to do a handful of U.S. shows — two nights at Radio City (tonight and tomorrow), plus Coachella and a couple of dates in California. But they're here (if you, like Vulture, are watching or reading from the contiguous 48), playing songs you know, sending hip nineties vibes up into our shared atmosphere. The geographical proximity makes last night's Fallon performance that much more enjoyable — not that "Common People" or Jarvis Cocker's strut need much help when it comes to crowd-pleasing. Wait for the guitarless windmills at the end; even those look cool, somehow. Fun fact: This was Pulp's first late-night performance since 1998, when they played old-school Conan. (Check out that coat.) Anyway, welcome back, Pulp!