Red Lights Trailer: Is Robert De Niro a Hack?


Red Lights was one of the most-anticipated films at Sundance, but it came out of the festival as a notorious head-scratcher: Nobody could figure out the movie's ending, not even after the filmmakers took the stage after the premiere to take questions about it. We'll see if tweaks have been made since, but in the interim, we've got the first full trailer for the movie, which casts Cillian Murphy and Sigourney Weaver as a pair of investigators whose specialty is debunking fake psychics. (You almost expect Weaver to suddenly interrupt Bill Murray's ESP test from Ghostbusters, hauling him away in front of that pretty blond co-ed.) They may have met their match, though, when they attempt to expose Robert De Niro's famed mind-reader as a fraud. Today De Niro, tomorrow the pernicious Magic 8-Ball!