Six Great Accidental Music Hits, From Ike and Tina to ‘Green Onions’


Blunderbuss, the Jack White solo album that comes out today, allegedly owes its existence to the unpredictable scheduling habits of the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, who failed to show up for a planned recording session with White and left him to play alone. Music history is filled with curiosities born from this we-got-a-studio-might-as-well-roll-tape-anyway philosophy, but the unplanned recording usually only results in obscure B-sides or infamy, like the one-off Rolling Stones side project Jamming With Edward (endless noodling laid down during the Let It Bleed sessions when Keith was AWOL). But every once in a while, no-shows can result in those who did show up making great music. Click through for six examples.