Start the Week Off Right by Letting Schmidt Guide Your Workout


Last week, Vulture created the hypothetical packaging for a workout video starring Schmidt (seen below), the break out character from The New Girl. When the actor who plays Schmidt, Max Greenfield, saw the post he reportedly responded, “A: Yes. B: It’s On. And C: Let’s do this.” Greenfield made the video just for funsies, without the help of Fox or Vulture, which is really endearing. I like that not only is it funny but it’s also very informative. Like, did you know that they have these bikes now that remain “stationary” so people can get the exercise of riding a bike without having to have places to go? So LA, right? Oh, you did know that? They’ve been around for like forever? Sorry, some of us like to live a veal-esque lifestyle, nothin’ wrong with that. Oh, there is something wrong with that? It’s unhealthy? Shut up, this isn’t a call for your help – you are – I mean, your butt is – I meant, shut up. Anyway, enjoy.