Stop (or Start) Busting Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Ladyballs


People don’t talk about JLD enough. She was arguably the most talented actor of the Seinfeld four, as has been proven by a pretty solid post-90s career, especially compared to the other guys. Her new show, Veep, premieres on Sunday and looks pretty great. Grantland sat down for an interview with her, to talk about the show, being totally over NBC, and cursing. On the latter: “You know, I still get swoony for ‘motherfucker.’ But I also like ‘busting my ladyballs.’ That’s awfully fun to say too.” The. Best. Also, the interviewer mentions that she is 51, which is insane. If I looked that good at 31, I’d go to public spaces just to get looked at. And I’m a guy! I don’t care. If you cut JLD’s hair and slapped a beard on her, I would accept that as my face for the rest of my 20’s.