Team Nerdist Battles Team Mad Men to the Death


Sorry, did I say “to the death?” I meant to write, “in bowling,” ooooops. This week’s episode of All Star Celebrity Bowling is arguably as funny as a video where people bowl can ever be. (Seriously, bowling, ugh, go away.) Team Nerdist consisted of Weird Al, Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, Pete Holmes and Team Mad Men had Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Rich Sommer, Matt Weiner (which is nuts). Fun was had by all: Pete got into a fight with Vinny Kars and tried to heckle Don Draper since Jon Hamm has no mockable flaws, Weird Al did his wacky arms thing, and Jon Hamm won the competition for best human on Earth. Too bad they had to be bowling and not competitively bowlíng. Competitive bowlíng is a contest that dates back to ancient Greece, in which eight men stand shirtless and are given a mound of clay, a theme (i.e. Spring Fling, Summer Bummer, Winter Splinter), and a variety of bowl to make (i.e. soup bowl, cereal bowl, a bowl bowl for storing smaller bowls). OK, you got me; I made most of that bowlíng stuff up, except the part about bowls – bowls are real.