Ted Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Talks to a Bear From Southie


When contemplating the idea of a Mark Wahlberg–stuffed-bear buddy comedy directed by Seth MacFarlane, as Ted has been described, the average movie viewer probably imagined a WilfredFamily Guy mash-up — a wise-cracking anthropomorphic bear, an emotionally arrested man-child, dick jokes. All of these elements (plus extra fart jokes and Mila Kunis) are present in the first Ted trailer, which, we should point out now, is NSFW, but Mark Wahlberg fans will notice another cinematic influence at work in the two minutes below. The special pronunciation of the word fahck, the soundtrack — can you feel The Fighter magic all around you? If you are not convinced, wait until the 2:15 mark, when Wahlberg's character starts listing "white trash names" in a Southie accent and actually includes "Charlene" (Amy Adams's character) in the list. If someone could have convinced Christian Bale to wear a mo-cap suit, we wouldn't even need a sequel.