Ok, 10 words: The Cast of 30 Rock Played Charades with Jimmy Fallon


Have you ever played charades? Isn’t it fine? It usually peaks at whenever someone yells out “Baby Fishmouth” and yet goes on for like 45 minutes more. Watching professional funny people play charades is a different story, however, as it is the best. The teams were Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, and Jane Krakowski vs. Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, and Alec (Alex? Alec? Alex? Alec.) Baldwin. One team was good at it and one team was not, can you guess which? What I’m trying to say is, Tina, please come to my next dinner party, we’ll play charades and I’ll make a ham. Speaking of ham, let’s eat breakfast whilst watching these clips (part 1 above, part 2 below):