The Dark Knight Rises Gets Its Rating


The Dark Knight Rises will, unsurprisingly, be rated PG-13, guaranteeing a) that the finale to Christopher Nolan's grim Batman trilogy will have the same rating as every major Batman film you've ever seen in theaters (including that cartoon-as-live-action travesty known as Batman & Robin), and b) that Nolan will not go so dark in the new film — not overtly so, at least, like dark F-bombs and dark, bloody beheadings — as to merit an R-rating. (Though those haven't been that tough to come by lately, eh, MPAA?) If you're a fiend for the vague little criteria that earn pictures the ratings they receive, you may now expect The Dark Knight Rises to feature "intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language." Bane should've announced all this so we could've speculated a smidgen longer.