Tina Fey Wants to Be Able to Plan 30 Rock’s End

30 ROCK -- "Murphy Brown Lied to Us" Episode 618 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, Bebe Wood as Cat -- (Photo by:

30 Rock's second live episode airs this week, and as fun as that was last time, the more interesting issue is the fate of the show in general. Will 30 Rock be back next year? What about beyond that? Were we betting folk — and we are! bet on red! — we'd guess next season will be the series' last, but Tina Fey is pretty vague about the show's future. "We work for NBC, so we’ll see what they say," she tells the Times. "The one thing I’ve always wanted from the beginning, that hopefully will come true, is that whenever we do end, I would like to know in advance," she says. "So we can write the end. Because it’s such a writers' show. And whenever it does happen, that NBC does understand that."