Watch Tori Spelling Play 90210 F/M/K


Tori Spelling appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night, alongside Chris Klein because time is just a state of mind, and the gleeful fame goblin Andy Cohen had her play Plead the Fifth, in which the marginally to fully famous are asked to shit-talk for sport. Cohen asked Spelling for a 90210 round of F/M/K between Brandon, Dylan, and Steve, and Spelling needed but a second to rattle off the incredibly obvious: She'd "shag" Dylan, marry Brandon, and chuck Steve. Uh, of course! At least 90 percent of people would choose that! How did this prompt not include David? Make this a little harder next time: Kelly, Brenda, Emily Valentine? Scott, Nat, Jim Walsh? Mrs. Teasley, Felice Martin, Lucinda? (Obviously F Lucinda, but whom would you marry?) Clare, Val, Janet? There are so, so many interesting 90210 F/M/K options.