Trying to Capture the Smiler Vote, President Obama To Appear on Fallon


Next Tuesday, April 24th, President Obama will be the guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They will be shooting the episode at the University of North Carolina and Dave Matthews Band (who will be playing “Jimi (Fallon) Thing” and “#41 (+3 President in USA History)”) will be the musical guest. The President has appeared on Leno since being in office but Late Night is a different story, as it’s completely uncharted presidential territory. What do you think they’ll talk about? Fallon has never been the strongest interviewer so let’s start guessing what games/sketches they’ll do. Here are the top five reoccurring segments I hope President Obamarama participates in:

Beer Pong

Neil Young Cover

Lick it for Ten

Competitive Spit-Takes

Let us play with your look

Your move, President Barry.