Watch a Supercut of Celebrities Playing Jerky Versions of Themselves


Last night's premiere of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 featured a non-cry-faced James Van Der Beek starring as, well, a semi-demonic version of James Van Der Beek. In one scene, he's trying to bed a fan who's at the ready with her whipped-cream bikini and the Dawson's Creek theme song on full blast. We love when stars do this. Not only making cameos as themselves, but playing silly, over-the-top, totally jerk-ified versions of themselves. Shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras, and Entourage have pretty much made this the standard tone of "as him/herself" characters, but let's not forget Ryan Seacrest's anti-starlet rant in Knocked Up, or the time Bob Barker punched Happy Gilmore in the face. Check out our video roundup for all that and more.