Watch Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook Discuss Music Blogs in an Exclusive Detention Clip


Sure, we all liked that "Hipster Games" viral video, but you know what? The Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson actually socked it to hipsters first, and with some Pitchfork jokes to boot! Vulture's got the evidence: In this exclusive clip from horror-comedy Detention (out April 13), a cooler-than-thou Hutcherson brags to his high-school principal (played by Dane Cook!) that he's about to start a hip music blog that reviews "bands that nobody's heard of except for me" ... an idea that Principal Dane promptly mocks. Look, Principal Dane, J-Hutch was into that Mockingjay whistle long before it was cool, okay? He knows all the best bands in Panem ... but you probably haven't heard of them.