Watch The Killing’s Detective Linden Keep Trying to Make a Flight to California


If there's one thing we know about Detective Sarah Linden of The Killing (other than her penchant for chewing Nicotine gum VERY LOUDLY), it's that she is comically unable to step away from the Rosie Larson case to get on an airplane bound for Sonoma, California, where her wedding is apparently due to take place in a matter of days. She's tried and failed on multiple occasions either because new evidence surfaced, or her boss made her stay (sure he did ... ), or she was just plain running late, or her son really wanted to go to Nash's party, and on and on and on. Adding to the will-she-won't-she? The numerous phone calls Linden made to travel agents or airlines for new tickets. Imagine the ticket-change fees! Take a moment now and relive this story line, which resurfaced again on Sunday's premiere episode. Let's hope she lets her poor fiancé Rick down easy.