Watch the New Louie Promo 4,000 Times


In the first new Louie promo, New York’s funniest person, Louis C.K., offers a not so subtle nod to it’s fourth funniest, Woody Allen (both rankings are according to Time Out). On this season, set to premiere June 28th, Louis is working with Woody’s long time editor and you can tell by how much this promo is edited like Manhattan — regardless of the similar music and iconic black and white shots of the city, it’s the editing that makes it a dead give away. In a way, Louis is the new mid-career Woody; both have red hair, both first became known as standups, both make funny content that is sometimes more dramatic than comedic, both see New York City as a muse both for telling aspirational stories and difficult ones, and both play jazz clarinet every Monday night at the Carlyle Hotel. Ok, that last one isn’t true, Louis plays at the Plaza.