We Probably Should Stop Asking Jason Segel about The Muppets

Jason Segel will not be in the next Muppet movie – no way – don’t even think about – it won’t happen – no chance – stop asking. In an interview promoting the soon-to-be-released Five-Year Engagement, he made it very clear he won’t even cameo in a Muppets sequel. He explained to The Playlist:

“It was a very distinct choice on my part… My only goal was to bring back the Muppets that I loved. And I did that. I kinda don’t know what I have left to do in that regard. I like doing these R-rated comedies. I loved working on The Muppets but, you know, it took me six, seven years. That’s a lot of time working with puppets. I think I enjoy acting too much to repeat myself in any way.”

If there was a dead horse in the room, he’d probably would have beaten it. The interview lays out all the other projects Segel has on the horizon and there are plenty of R-rated comedies. Add in all the time he spends on How I Met Your Mother and it just seems like there isn’t enough time to puppet around town. If anything this answers without a shadow of a doubt whether he is a man or a Muppet.

We Probably Should Stop Asking Jason Segel about The […]