What Do We Think of The First Scene of The Dictator?


Personally, I thought this was pretty solid. Like, the baby beard and pube thing is cheap but not so awful that you’d throw it down a well (that’s an expression, right?). But the changing 800 Wadiyan words to Aladeen chunk is damn near hilarious, especially the execution. Both those actors are super funny and I really enjoyed is how straight they played it. For such a broad comedy, it would be easy to wink or speed through to the punchline, but they let the pace slow down so to best focus on the Assistant Manager from Outsourced’s face. Do we think this movie is going to be good? Will it be mostly smart or lazy or heavy-handed or racist? Has anyone watched Borat recently? Does it hold up? Seriously, what is the collective unconscious’s decision on this? Answer me, world! [Via]