Which Episodes Do TV Showrunners Regret?

Damon Lindelof. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/2010 Getty Images

When you've got to put out several seasons of television — with over twenty episodes per season — mistakes are bound to be made. Still, when self-deprecating Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof tweeted yesterday, "The weather in L.A. this week has been as consistent as the third season of Lost," who could have known he was opening the showrunner floodgates? Bill Lawrence was next, tweeting a candid appraisal of his own shows: "Many, many episodes of Scrubs sucked balls, Spin City was up and down, and Cougar Town's first six eps made me sad. " Then Shonda Rhimes got in on the act, tweeting about Grey's Anatomy, "The whole fourth and fifth seasons ... made me want to hide in a dark cave and maybe change my name." But fear not, fans: It's all about blowing off some steam. "I have to bash the show occasionally as this is my coping mechanism," Lindelof explained. "And now that I've tweeted it, I have to find a goddamned new one."