Which YA Novels Have the Silliest Character Names?

Photo: Murray Close/Lions Gate Films Inc

Young Adult novels can get away with a lot on the page, but now that Hollywood is buying up every hit YA franchise to adapt for the big screen, something is becoming very clear: These characters all have hilarious names, and when you say them out loud, it's an altogether different experience than it is to simply read them. "Katniss Everdeen" from The Hunger Games sort of works, but will we ever come to terms with "Peeta," which sounds less like the moniker for a romantic hero and more like it was recovered from a list of rejected Lucasfilm alien names? What of "Renesmee," the vampire-baby name from Twilight that sounds so goofball when spoken that the movie had to include a whole scene where the other characters give Bella the side-eye for picking it out? And now that we've got The Mortal Instruments on the way, where characters are named things like "Clary Fray" and "Magnus Bane," we put it to you: Which YA franchises have had names so silly, you simply couldn't get over them?