Anjelica Huston Didn’t Want to Sing on Smash

Photo: Eric Leibowitz/NBCUniversal

Anjelica Huston has been the only unimpeachable part of Smash so far, and now she's risking her stellar reputation (so elegant! so wise!) with the ever-dangerous musical number on next week's episode. Smash of course has to Smashify it by having Huston's character sing "September Song" — a song made famous by Huston's grandfather. The show already struggles with realism, and wink-winky in-jokes like this just chip away at the show's credibility even more. Anyway, Huston says she's not taking it lightly either. "I was a bit trepidatious as you can imagine," she tells the Times.

Huston says she doesn't really sing and never expected to do so on Smash, but producers convinced her to give it a try, and she wound up really enjoying it. "Singing is a direct line to the heart," she says. "For me to be able to sing, it’s like those Zuni creatures, those stone antelopes and bears made by the Zuni Indians, where they often do in a different color stone from the sculpture — it’s a direct line from the heart, through the mouth. That’s how I think of singing." Attention, Smash writers: Feel free to have some of the characters on the show speak that freely and effusively about why they like performing.