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the avengers

The Avengers Rakes in $80.5 Million on Second Biggest Opening Day Ever

Take it to the bank.

Well on its way to one of the biggest opening weekends ever, The Avengers blew up the box office to the tune of $80.5 million on Friday, the second biggest opening day ever behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which earned $91.1 million on its domestic release day last year. The supergroup's onscreen success is not surprising, but consider that it beat mega-hyped The Hunger Games' recent $68 million opener by over $12 million. The Avengers knocked The Twilight Saga: New Moon from the No. 2 spot. 

"Just as importantly," writes the the Los Angeles Times "moviegoers gave the film an average grade of A+, according to market research firm CinemaScore. Such a perfect score is very rare and indicates word-of-mouth will be excellent and many fans will likely return for repeat viewings." Perhaps even more important for its overall draw: Images from yesterday's showings reveal that The Avengers has attracted collectives of delightfully dorky moviegoers dressed as Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the gang.

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