Betrayal Planned for ‘Anchorman 2’


And not just by milk! Adam McKay was on the improv4humans podcast today to do some improv, which is pretty cool in of itself. However, doubly cool is that host Matt Besser was able to squeeze some sweet, sweet Anchorman 2 gossip out of him. Other than revealing that they finished the outline and are just starting to write the thing, he was able to offer up this: “Betrayal from Christina Applegate. Betrayal from Alicia Corningstone.” I assume he meant Veronica Corningstone, unless Christina Applegate will also be playing Veronica’s twin sister, Alicia. I wonder what the betrayal will be? Maybe she’ll get a better job or she’ll sleep with Brick or even worse yet, she’ll accidentally wash one of his blue suits with one of his red suits, leaving both suits vaguely purple.