Bill Murray Dances with His Tween Co-star; Remains the Best


“At the request of [Jared] Gilman, who just had his bar mitzvah and has a taste for dub-step, Bill Murray led the troop onto the dance floor, where the four kids and their accompanying man-child wiggled and jumped around with abandon. It was a scene of such next-level adorability that nearly everyone in the immediate vicinity pulled out a camera phone. “We’re just chilling! We’re just chilling!” Murray shouted out as he put the kibosh on each video in turn. Then he’d go back to more happy wriggling to songs like “I’m So Excited.” Every time a female fan would come up and try to dance with Murray, he’d make her take one of the boys as a dance partner, as if chaperoning a middle-school mixer.”

- From a story by Vulture’s Jada Yuan about dancing with the incomparable Bill Murray, at the Cannes premiere of Moonrise Kingdom.