Conan Talks Leno with Letterman


Conan was on Letterman last night for the first time in 13 years and they didn’t waste anytime getting into Leno talk, as they assumed he was watching and would want them to cut to the chase. Conan has talked about the time he lost the Tonight Show before but Letterman is able to bring out a new angle on it, as he went through nearly the exact same situation. Since he’s further removed from the situation, however, Letterman is able to take a sick pleasure in it all. Their relationship is fun, not exactly father and son – more like nephew and son-of-a-bitch uncle. Leno is the uncle who struck it rich and stopped caring about the rest of his family. More Leno talk after the jump:

For fun, here is a funny, not as rooted in anger, story about Conan’s son: