Daniel Tosh Soon To Be a Short Bear


Here is the first image from Daniel Tosh’s new animated series. Tosh announced last night on Tosh.0 that Brickleberry will premiere on September 25th on Comedy Central. The show focuses on a group of dysfunctional forest rangers and a sarcastic bear voiced by Tosh. Other things to notice in this picture: the yellow-haired lady’s shirt doesn’t cover her entire torso, the African American fellow wears his badge on a gold chain and is scared of that spider who is just hangin’ around, and the larger lady has the symbol for women pinned on her shirt. I’m very confident that at least 85% of the show will be the bear making fun of these people for these things. I can’t wait for the episode in which the bear lightly touches women’s stomachs while they’re sitting down and by “can’t wait” I mean I can wait forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.