Donald Glover to Be in ‘Girls’ Season 2?


This picture was snapped by the New York Post from the Brooklyn set of Girls. Yep, that is Donald Glover smiling really big and Lena Dunham smiling a normal size. It’s a photo that might single-handedly explode the Internet. As Lena said earlier this month on Fresh Air, with her show’s second season she aspires to expand the diversity of the cast but no one would have guessed that meant The Don of Gloves. It will be interesting to see if a famous person will be distracting in the hyper-real universe of the show. If you want to stand in the background of these two while the’yre acting, Girls is looking for “hipster” extras. Though this might answer some of the racism concerns, it does not address the nepotism complaint, as Donald Glover is the son of a guy who has almost 10,00 Twitter followers.