Ed Helms to Record a Banjo Album; Arrow Through the Head Headband Not Yet Confirmed


Ed Helms is part of a long line of banjo playing comedians. Of course, there was Steve Martin. And before him was Banjo Willy Chuckles, the Appalachian banjo playing clown/cattle doctor. Helms told The Hollywood Reporter at The L.A. Bluegrass Situation, the two-year old music festival he co-founded, that he is working on an official album with his band, the Lonesome Trio. The group met in college and has been together for 20 years – that’s a lot of hootenannies (Did I say that right, hoo-tin-nan-nees?). They might sell the album direct to the people they might not, but either way, expect the sweet sounds of washboard thimblin’ soon. Also, while we’re here, please watch the music offerings from The Office’s Creed (Creed Bratton) and Stanley (Leslie David Baker) because…WOW: