Garfunkel & Oates on Being 29 vs. Being 31 (29 Wins in a Landslide)


When we last checked in with Ms. Garfunkel and Ms. Oates, they were getting over a break up and dressing up cats. Now they’re back, singing (and screaming) about how being alone at 31 is 12 zillion times worse than being alone at 29. Both videos raise the question: why isn’t everyone always trying to marry both of them? Seriously. Speaking for everyone who writes for or reads this site, Garfunkel or Oates, we’d really like to marry you this weekend, if not sooner. Maybe they’ll meet a male musical comedy duo named Simon & Hall, where one plays the bass guitar and the other a baritone ukulele, and together they’ll make sweet, sweet music. If not, they have their Comedy Central Half Hour coming up on June 8th, after which a fleet of suitors will undoubtedly line up outside their doors.