‘Goldie’ Video: Excuse A$AP Rocky’s French


First things first: There are more than a couple of naked women in the following video, so if you're not in a forgiving environment, or you need a little coffee before your NSFW videos, save this one for later in the day. But yes, A$AP Rocky took "Goldie" to France — Paris, specifically, which seems like a pretty straightforward choice once you've got a major label signing the checks. Respect to Rocky for touring the city in an awesome old car, rather than one of those cheesy overcrowded boats you always see in pictures, and give him a few extra points for driving style (leg out the window, dance party at the end). The whole A$AP crew makes an appearance, too, though it looks like they got left behind in Riverside Park. Bonus: If you missed it yesterday, here is A$AP Ferg's "A Hundred Million Roses" video, which is light on fancy European scenery but does include a fancy library. And some blood. Be warned!