Hey, Here Are Two New Animal Collective Songs

AC_7in Innersleeve TLorSL_wHoles

Back in December, Dave "Avey Tare" Portner made promises (or, "said publicly in a relatively definite manner") that Animal Collective would finally be getting around to a new album. They had fifteen songs ready to go, according to Pitchfork's arithmetic, and they were supposed to start recording in January. Hopes were high. So! Here we are five months later, and that album is still the stuff of dreams and/or interview ramblings, but good news: Portner wasn't totally lying. Animal Collective just dropped two new songs! And they are back in bonkers energetic form: "Honeycomb," the zippy single, is maybe the most impeccably crafted Nintendo theme song in recorded history; "Gotham," the B-side, is your slice of tripped-out yodeling for the morning. Handily, both songs are available below, so listen now! Crazy pitch-perfect yelping waits for no blog reader.