How Wes Anderson’s Movies Get Their Soundtracks


Fresh Air has an interview with Randall Poster about finding the music for Wes Anderson’s films. Depending on your sensibilities that sounds like either the best thing or the most preciously unlistenable thing. For the people still interested, they know that music plays such a huge part in Anderson’s movies and Poster is responsible for most of it. Poster spoke about how it all started with Bottle Rocket: “I was so smitten with the film that I basically promised to get any piece of music that he ever wanted to use in a movie.” One great moment is when he picks the one song he’s most proud of introducing to a wider audience:

I would say Cat Stevens’ “Here Comes My Baby” in Rushmore is a song that I’m really happy that we were able to bring to a film audience. Up to that point, Cat Stevens had stopped licensing his music, and we had “Here Comes My Baby” and “The Wind” in Rushmore, and I was really pleased we were able to make that work out and make him comfortable. That was the first time he allowed his music to be used in a film in many years. … I think it’s one of those iconic Wes Anderson cinematic moments that I think will thrill people forever.