Hyde Park on Hudson: Bill Murray Is FDR


Did you see The King's Speech and think, What this movie could use is a four-term American president and a bunch of hot-dog jokes? Hollywood read your mind! And here is the result: Hyde Park on Hudson, which, despite its logline as "the Bill Murray as Franklin Delano Roosevelt movie," appears to include just as many royal high jinks as that other pedigreed movie about prewar King George VI. There's even a scene about his stammer! And one about how uptight the Queen Mum was. If your loyalties are to the Americans, then you should enjoy Bill Murray's aristocratic patois and his gentle wheelchair jokes; his FDR is more charming granddad than WWII fixer — except charming granddads don't cheat on Olivia Williams with Laura Linney, that we know. Anyway, Bill Murray and a weirdo accent! We'll take it.