Jason Sudeikis’s ‘SNL’ Departure Still Uncertain


New York Daily News reports that Jason Sudeikis told a group of people at the SNL finale after-after-party “he wasn’t sure about staying or leaving.” It also notes that Jason was taken aback a bit by the special treatment Kristen Wiig received at the end of the finale. He reportedly left the set during the credits, possibly out of frustration and possibly out of sadness. If you watched the finale it seemed completely certain that Wiig would be leaving and Andy Samberg as well, as the closing line of “Lazy Sunday 2” reflected; however, Jason was mostly missing from the episode. Since he plays both Romney and Biden, it’s very possible he’ll stick around through next fall’s election, which Amy Poehler set a precedent for in 2008. Personally, I wouldn’t mind another chance to see DJ Supersoak with Little Blaster promote the Kickspit Underground Rock Festival.