Jody Hill to Reboot ‘Dukes of Hazzard’, Kind of, Maybe


Eastbound & Down co-creator Jody Hill is currently writing a remake of Dukes of Hazzard for him to direct. However, though it’s a movie set in the 70s about an outlaw duo, driving fast cars, it may not be about the Hazzards per se. Basically, Hill is writing a movie like the Dukes of Hazzard but it just as easily can become the Princes of Danger. Either way, this is pretty exciting since Hill obviously has a very distinct, very dark comedic voice and an understanding of how to draw humor out of overzealous southerners. His hope is to model it after the great Sam Peckinpah action films like Wild Bunch and The Getaway. It will undoubtedly be better than the mid-Aughts Hazzard remake, which starred Willie Nelson and Jessica Simpson’s shorts.