Justin Bieber Is Singing About Death Now


It's right there in the title of his second Believe single: "Die in Your Arms." (No relation to Cutting Crew.) Admittedly, he is also singing a little (a lot) about puppy love — the reason he is willing to give up the good fight at the swaggy adult age of 18 is because he has a girl, see — but still, the concept of dying as a result of said emotions is new here. Don't tell Justin Bieber he is too young to feel real love! He will R+J this situation faster than you can say "Selena Gomez made out with James Franco on the set of Spring Breakers." (They didn't! We're just making up fake tabloid headlines right now. Don't freak out.) Anyway, that concludes your Justin Bieber Maturity Update for the morning. The song itself is an early Michael Jackson Xerox, but with no rapping or fondue references this time, so adjust expectations accordingly. And check back often for obsessive updates on the Great Justin Bieber Paparazzi Battery Investigation of May 2012. Free Biebz.