Mick Jagger to Host, Perform on ‘SNL’ Finale


On May 19th, for the finale, Mick Jagger will be the famous person with burden of trying to follow Will Ferrell as SNL host. Mick Jagger has been the musical guest three times and kind of hosted once, as part of the Rolling Stones (they played three songs and appeared in only two sketches; Ed Koch did the monologue). Most famously, Jagger took part in the above mirror sketch that was reprised earlier this season with Jimmy as the one being impersonated (below). Is Mick a good choice? Is it going to be like the Betty White episode but male? Do you think there will be a digital short parodying the infamous Mick Jagger and David Bowie “Dancing in the Street” video (also below because it’s amazing)? While we’re here, for fun, what’s your favorite Rolling Stones song?