Mike Sacks Is Working on a Sequel to ‘And Here’s the Kicker’


Mike Sacks, the author of the must-read book of interviews with comedy writers And Here’s the Kicker (and humor book Your Wildest Dreams Within Reason) has begun work on a sequel, one that’ll have him talking to more big names from the world of comedy writing. He tells me that “there were quite a few writers I couldn’t reach the first go-round. I hope to be able to connect with them for this version. Looking for a book editor and publisher who enjoyed and is familiar with the first book, and would know how to handle the second.” Get on it, publishers.

If you haven’t read And Here’s the Kicker yet, it just so happens to be the first book in our new Splitsider Comedy Book Club, so it’s a perfect time to pick it up and then talk about it with your fellow laughophiles.