Mindy Kaling Diaries Her Upfronts Week


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an already very successful comedian, who has the most buzzed about sitcom pilot but still has to sweat it out, waiting to hear if it gets picked up? You have? Great, because Vulture had Mindy Kaling write an endearing, hilarious, enlightening, very Mindy Kaling diary of her past week of waiting to hear about the status of The Mindy Project. It’s worth reading just for the description of Brian Grazer’s pointy hair. Here’s an excerpt:

11:16 a.m.Does Wendi Deng weigh in on these things?! In my mind, Wendi and I would get along very well. She’s so interesting. Marc Cherry should option her Wikipedia page.7:15 p.m.At Logan Aiport, and as my flight is boarding, [Fox’s] Kevin Reilly calls. It is good news. I immediately burst into tears. The people at the terminal counter think my boyfriend has just broken up with me over the phone, but I don’t care. I love Kevin so much.7:20 p.m.Call my Dad. I start crying again. The airline people at the gate now think I am going through something super awful. The plane really needs me to board now.