NBC Double-Pumps The Voice

Photo: NBC

The Voice isn't just moving to the fall: NBC chief Bob Greenblatt has just confirmed that the show will now air cycles in both the fall and spring. What's more, he is also confirmed what Vulture first reported earlier this year: There's a chance different coaches may be cycled into the lineup. But it has nothing to do with NBC's feelings for the current batch of singer-mentors, according to Greenblatt.

"We've got deals and options on all of them for the next two cycles," he said. "But they are all such busy, working musicians.... their schedules start to back up on each other. We don't know yet whether it will make sense for them to do two cycles." As for double-pumping The Voice"I've always thought this show would have two per season," Greenblatt told Vulture. "We didn't do it the first year because it didn't make sense, since the show ending so late in the summer, to have it on in the fall. We were also just trying to expand...and figure out the format. But this year gave us a lot of information, and it will make the show better."