Rick Ross and Usher Are Not Afraid of PDA


God Forgives, I Don't, the Rick Ross album that got shelved after his health scare last December, will finally see the light of day this summer. (It's currently scheduled for a July 31 release; don't plan your whole vacation around that date, or anything, but be advised.) So right on schedule, here's the first single, "Touch'N You," featuring another gentleman who will likely be everywhere you look/listen in the next couple months: Usher. It's a trade for "Lemme See," we guess, and the core theme is pretty much the same: Rick Ross and Usher enjoy the ladies, want to bone the ladies, will sweet-talk the ladies until they agree. It's maybe not as instructional as "Lemme See," but we did learn that Rick Ross likes it when a woman speaks another language. Keep practicing that Dutch.