Robin Williams Soon to Be Another Angry Brooklynite


Filming in September, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is about a jerk patient who is mistakenly informed by his doctor that he only has 90 minutes to live. The patient tries to right a life’s worth of wrongs, while the doctor tries to track him down and reveal his or her error. Sounds intense, right? Well, it’s apparently supposed to be quite funny. Maybe the patient is also secretly a Genie, who besides thinking he’s dying also does hilarious madcap impressions. Mila Kunis and Peter Dinklage will star alongside Williams. James Earl Jones and Melissa Leo will be in the film as well. They have yet to reveal which actors are playing which roles so maybe Williams plays a doctor/genie and Kunis surprisingly plays the angriest man. And, of course, Dinklage will control them all with a fierce wit and a love for whores.