Serena Williams Will Now Rap for You

Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Before we get to Serena, a few more words on Kitty Pryde, the Tumblr-bred maybe-teen rapper you met yesterday. She's blowing up a little! And so far, she's being kind of great about the whole experience, especially when she talks about her ex-boyfriend and her Danny Brown crush and her managers at Claire's, who apparently don't believe that she has a real rap career. (Also, on meeting Justin Bieber: "That seems super out of the question. Who gets to met Justin Bieber? Nobody gets to meet Justin Bieber."). Anyway, that concludes your Friday afternoon Florida Teen Rappers Update; onto the tennis rappers, namely Serena Williams, whose debut song was leaked to TMZ.  (She has apparently recorded several more.) The minute-long clip is, sadly, lacking in guest verses from ex-boyfriends Drake or Common, and also perhaps in, um ... polish. But we will give her a small about of credit for the Serena/subpoena rhyme and also for founding the very important Tennis Rap subgenre. Vulture has great hope for Rafael Nadal's future music career.