‘SNL’s’ Scrapped Obama Cold Open Almost Definitely Points to a Vast Liberal Conspiracy


Conservative blog The Daily Caller got their hands on a draft of a potential cold open for this past weekend’s SNL, written by Jim Downey and featuring Fred Armisen’s President Obama addressing the nation about the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death. And because this one was not used but one about Fox and Friends was, you know what that means: their liberal bias made them scrap the one critical of Obama! It certainly had nothing to do with Fox and Friends being a funnier cold open, I’m sure. SNL is so in the tank for Obama!

It’s not clear why the skit was canceled? That is rich. Heads would have rolled if the baby in chief had been mocked by an MSN show. When Biden suggested Obama carries a big stick, I guess he meant that literally. Of course this won’t be the first time nor will it be the last. They are slaves to their master and the punishment was swift. I guess they have learned what free speech means and they better not forget it. Artistic license? They should parody themselves for capitulating to the great stick. I’d watch that.

Obama Address Cold Open - May 6, 2012