Taran Killam Is Going To Be a Movie Star


Taran Killam was the breakout performer on SNL this year and it seems like Hollywood took notice. In the last week he has gotten three pretty significant film roles: Growing Up (and Other Lies), Killer Rebound Guy, and Twelve Years a Slave. Growing Up, written by Humboldt County writers Danny Jacobs and Darren Grodsky, is an indie comedy about four bros who decide to walk the length of Manhattan together as a way to remember the old days as Killam’s character intends on moving out of New York. Killer Rebound Guy, written by UCB fixtures Katie Dippold (Parks & Recreation) and John Reynolds (Late Late Show), stars Adam Pally as a dumped ex-boyfriend who tries to convince his small town that his ex’s new boyfriend (Killam) is actually a serial killer. Lastly, Twelve Years a Slave is a film by fancy pants director Steve McQueen (last year’s Shame) that is set to star Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Paul Dano, and Brad Pitt. Killam will play a traveling performer who abducts Ejiofor’s characters and sells him into slavery. This very serious sounding drama is such a change of pace for Killam that I wouldn’t be surprised if getting cast wasn’t all just an excuse to help improve him his Brad Pitt impersonation. That is a lie – that would be like way surprising.